Did Kim Kardashian's bra tweet reek of desperation, or prove she's just one of the gals?

Reality maven Kim Kardashian took to her Twitter to post an au natural self-portrait of herself in the bathroom this week: no makeup, no designer dresses, no Burkin bags, no six-inch platform pumps.

Just her sports bra and sweats.

So was Kardashian, who has some 13.5 million Twitter followers and is considered the holy grail to many tween and teen girls, promoting positive body image with her anti-glamour snapshot? Or is she doing the reverse?

“This is quite irresponsible for someone in her position. She is tacitly encouraging girls to use their body parts to get attention,” Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Nancy Irwin told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “She is in a great position to model a healthy boundary between her private and public life. She is blurring those lines and sadly potentially encouraging young girls to bare their body. When someone feels the need to post pictures of herself in her underwear, it is generally out of an excessive need for sexual attention."

Some websites saw it differently, praising Kardashian for showing off her “curves” and “natural beauty,” while others referred to it as a “desperate ploy for attention.” Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands said that the picture reeks of desperation.

“Kim has lost her marketplace. The reason is because of the set-up marriage and various Internet stories about her wealth,” he explained. “Now she is hitting an all-time low.”

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has tweeted an “I’m-just-an-ordinary-girl-doing-ordinary-things” type picture. On Saturday, the multi-millionaire and her younger sister tweeted a picture of themselves wearing fake moustaches, accompanied by the caption: “I mustache you a question…but I’ll shave it for later.”

“I believe we are seeing some symptoms of her ‘post-partum depression’ in the aftermath of her ultra-brief marriage. The silliness and childish moustache photos may be her regressing and/or showing us some other facets of herself,” noted Irwin. ‘

Others say lighten up.

“What Kim Kardashian does has no bearing on society at all. She is more of a reflection of current society than an influence on it,” said entertainment/pop culture reporter, Jenn Hoffman. “Young girls are not going to start posting ‘bra pics’ en masse just because some 30 year old reality star did it. People need to get some perspective on how Kim is really viewed before concluding that she wields any power of cultural significance. She doesn't!”