Dick Van Dyke's advice to young actors

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Dick Van Dyke, a classic Hollywood triple threat, caught up with FOX411 at the AARP 15th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards and gave some insight into his long-lasting Hollywood career.

Van Dyke has won five Emmy’s, a Tony, and a Grammy and he shared his advice for young actors who wish to see their careers flourish as they get older.

“I tell them to do what I did not,” he began to explain. “I didn’t train, or study or get any coaching. I think you have to be prepared. And you have to learn hopefully a little singing, a little dancing and a little hoofing, along with the acting—if you are a triple threat it will work more.”

He also explained what his secret is to staying so young.

“Moving! Never stop moving,” he said. “Exercise no matter what age. I have a book out called ‘Keep Moving,’ and it is for people like me.”

Van Dyke said he has embraced getting older.

“For some people it’s not good, for some it is,” the 90-year-old actor said about being in the above-50 crowd. “The people who I think are over 50 who are gut and made are the ones who stay open minded and keep their opinions open to new information and keep themselves moving physically, from then on it’s great. I can vouch for that; that was 40 years ago for me and I’m better off now than I was then.”

In 2012, Van Dyke married Arlene Silver, 46 years younger, and the couple plans to celebrate their anniversary February 29th. He revealed their Valentine’s Day and anniversary plans while Arlene chimed in.

“I’m buying her a she-shed,” he said.

“They call it a love shack! It’s a she shed but they are advertising it like a love shack,” Arlene said.