Devo founder Jerry Casale throws 9/11 themed wedding with Twin Tower cake, report says

The new wave band Devo may have been decent at writing a catchy song back in the 80s, but the co-founder of the group, Jerry Casale, hit a sour note with his 9/11 themed wedding.

The "Whip It" performer and his bride, Krista Napp, celebrated their union on the 14th anniversary of the World Trade Towers last Friday. According to pictures obtained by TMZ, the couple chose a wedding cake resembling the fallen towers with their faces on the top of the cakes, and handed out personalized box cutters to guests as parting gifts.

TMZ spoke to guest at the couple’s reception who said others guests were not upset by the controversial theme, and vouched for the groom saying he has a “real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy.”

FOX411 reached out to Casale but did not receive comment.