Dennis Quaid once surprised Meg Ryan with a blue convertible for Christmas

Dennis Quaid makes for a great Santa Claus.

Speaking to Fox News, the “Parent Trap” alum, 64, opened up about the first holiday gift he ever splurged on, revealing that the lavish present was actually for his ex-wife Meg Ryan.

“It was a car, an old Mercedes convertible,” Quaid shared on Thursday. “It was baby blue.”

The former couple — who fell in love as co-stars filming the 1988 movie “D.O.A.” — tied the knot in 1991 and had son, Jack, one year later. However, the pair eventually called it quits in June 2000.

As for why Quaid bought that specific car?

“She wanted one,” he explained, adding that “it was a surprise.”

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan are pictured here in February 2000. Quaid spoke to Fox News about his first-ever splurge for the holidays. (KMazur/WireImage via Getty)

This year, the Dennis Quaid and the Sharks frontman might not be gifting any cars to his loved ones, but his family and friends are still going to be in for a treat – his Christmas wrapping paper will have his face on it.

“It was very surprising [to see my face on the paper] actually,” Quaid — who is teaming up with Esurance’s “Surprisingly Painless Gifting” campaign, which is giving shoppers a free item from the “Fortitude” star’s collection starting on Monday — admitted with a laugh.

“It’s got to make you feel a little good, but it’s wallpaper in my house," he teased.

When it comes to his holiday plans, Quaid says he’ll be taking a trip to Hawaii, but on December 25th, he’ll be celebrating right at home.

“That’s where I’d like to be. Right at home on Christmas Day.”