Dee Wallace: There are no true horror films anymore

This Friday the 13th, let's contemplate the state of horror films today.

Actress and horror film icon Dee Wallace spoke to FOX411 Friday about her past films - including "The Howling," "Cujo," and "The Hills Have Eyes" - and what she thinks of the genre today.

"A true horror film really develops its characters, really has a story line, not 'Hi, here's the six characters, watch how gruesomely we can kill them all off.' So I don’t think you have a lot of true horror films anymore," Wallace said.

The actress-turned-self-help guru also picked the film that would scare her most as an audience member:

"'Cujo,' hands down. Especially now that I’m a mother," Wallace said. "'Cujo' could really happen, and has really happened."

Wallace also shared stories from working with Steven Spielberg on "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and talked about her new project, "MySelfie," a toy designed to help kids with self esteem.

Watch the full interview in the video above.