'Deadliest Catch' star rips 'Ax Men,' questions authenticity of reality TV

Discovery’s hit series “Deadliest Catch” has chronicled one of the most dangerous professions for 10 seasons. FOX411 spoke to Captain Sig Hansen and his deckhand daughter Mandy Hansen to discuss the perils of working and living on a fishing vessel.

FOX411:  A few years ago, [you said women shouldn’t be allowed to work on a fishing ship.] Now your daughter works for you. Why the change of heart?
Captain Sig Hansen: It wasn’t really my change of heart. It was the fact her passion got her on the boat. She basically blackmailed momma and I to get on the boat. She already had other job opportunities, and I’m not going to let her go work on another boat, and she wanted the experience so I was pushed into a corner.

FOX411: [Mandy,] what made you decide that you wanted to be a part of a predominantly male field?
Mandy Hansen: It’s the generations that’s been before. My family has been doing it for years, and I just wanted to be a part of it. I’ve been watching these guys. They’ve been my heroes, support and whole entire family. I just want to be out there with them.

FOX411: When you’re on the boat, do you feel like one of the boys?
Mandy: I just want to be a fisherman, or fisherwoman; one or the other.
Captain Sig: She does fit in because she’s been doing it for four summers so she’s been on the boat. She’s familiar with the Northwestern and the crew.

FOX411: How do you [deal with] being her dad and being her boss?
Captain Sig: I’m always boss. The only time I can change from boss to dad is when I come home; as soon as I step off the boat.

FOX411: You’ve seen a lot of injuries and unfortunately deaths, but which death has impacted you the most in your career?
Captain Sig:  There was one time when we left the dock. We had a partner that was going to travel with us, and we were delayed because of mechanical failure so we were about 12 to 14 hours behind this boat… Fourteen hours later they were gone. ..like that!  There’s no rhyme or reason. There’s no time for Mayday.

FOX411: There’s so many reality shows that are documenting occupations but you’re one of the first. What do you make of all these others?
Captain Sig: I like “Deadliest Catch.” I think it’s as real as you’re ever going to see on TV.  I’ve seen other shows like “Ax Men.”  Personally, it makes me wonder. They go to somebody’s door and let’s surprise this person and there’s a damn camera on the other side of the door when the door opens. Well, how did he get there in the first place? I view TV different now. I know now what’s real.