CNN sure loves ice cream… at least when it comes to shaming President Trump’s consumption of the sugary treat.

Jeff Zucker’s network proved it is still obsessed with President Trump’s ice cream intake on Wednesday by using the 18th paragraph of an editorial by feminist Jill Filipovic to promote her op-ed on Twitter.

Filipovic wrote a piece criticizing the Trump Administration’s recent proposal that food delivery services could replace a portion of food stamps with actual food. Filipovic made a variety of points in the lengthy editorial, but a CNN social media staffer chose a snarky sentence about Trump’s ice cream habit as the paragraph to invite CNN Twitter followers to click on for the story.

“’Trump, who reportedly enjoys treating himself to an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner every night, proposes cutting billions in social support and health care, and delivering sad boxes of cereal and canned meat,’ writes Jill Filipovic,” the tweet stated.

The tweet was immediately met with criticism, with one user asking, “Is there an actual journalist left at CNN?” Others pointed out that Trump can afford his own ice cream, calling the tweet “ridiculous” and “worthless.”


Back in May 2017, CNN was widely panned for devoting significant airtime to a Time magazine report that Trump was served two scoops of vanilla ice cream at a dinner with reporters. CNN’s often-sarcastic chyron even called the extra scoop of ice cream an “executive privilege.”

CNN’s Jeanne Moos reported the extra serving of ice cream in a segment that also pointed out that Trump was possibly served a different salad dressing than his guests and that he sometimes eats fast food.

Ice cream isn’t the only food that CNN uses as an attempt to shame the president.

Late last year the network criticized Trump’s Diet Coke intake, literally lining up 12 cans of the beverage on Brooke Baldwin’s anchor desk to demonstrate the amount of soda the president reportedly consumes.

CNN’s chyron at the time said, “Trump reportedly drinks 12 diet cokes a day (Is that normal?)”