Clint Eastwood doesn't 'give a crap' about critics of his RNC speech

Clint Eastwood says he doesn't really care about the people who ripped his impromptu "chair" speech at the Republican National Convention, saying he was just expressing his feelings.

Eastwood appeared on "Good Morning America" this morning and the 82-year-old explained one of the reasons he didn't want to give a traditional speech off a teleprompter that night is because "I didn't have my glasses with me ... so I wouldn't have been able to read it."

Instead, he explained: "So then I’m just sitting there and the guy says, ‘You wanna sit down?’ and I said ‘No, but put that [chair] next to the podium will ya.'"

And a legend was born.

When he was told that President Obama is still a fan of his, Eastwood said, "Well, that's his bad judgment."

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As for the criticism Eastwood has received since the speech, he said: "There is something about the aging process that makes you give a crap less."