Claudia Mason shares tips in 'Finding the Supermodel in You'

Model Claudia Mason didn't have a guide to the glamorous and sometimes difficult life of modeling. So, she decided to write one: "Finding the Supermodel in You."

For one, Mason says young models never go to castings or shoots without a chaperone.

“My mother always insisted that there was a chaperone present if she couldn’t - she was a single mother, working  raising me – to go off and accompany me to Europe or certain jobs, or wherever that there was a chaperone," Mason told FOX411. "So, it is so important to have some adult figure.”

Mason, 41, said the days of models being discovered in malls are being replaced by social media sites like Instagram, so she cautions aspiring models to be aware of the images they post and how they could be interpreted.

“Have a sense of yourself and what you’re putting out there. I speak in Chapter 10 'Branding' about ... how important it is to get your face out there and get those followers up, and you know, models used to be muses and now they’re marketing tools, right?" Mason said. "So, it’s really important to keep those numbers up and those followers up, and have fun with it but be wise."

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