Chuck Lorre talks ‘Big Bang’ couple, future for Sheldon and Amy

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[Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers about upcoming episodes of 'The Big Bang Theory.']

First comes sex, then comes…marriage?

A “Big Bang Theory” wedding for Sheldon and Amy is very much a possibility, according to the show’s creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre.

“Nothing is off the table,” he told FOX411 at an Hollywood Radio and TV Society luncheon in Beverly Hills Monday.

“The show continues to grow in ways I never would have anticipated.  So…sure.  Maybe.  Certainly not, no or never.”

The relationship between Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) takes a giant step forward Thursday night when the newly reconciled couple finally climb between the sheets.

The long awaited plot twist was confirmed by CBS after the episode was filmed in Los Angeles last month.

“Sheldon initiates it,” Lorre reveals.  “And it coincides with the premiere of ‘Star Wars,’ which is something else that is really important to him. So there is a little bit of a dilemma in the episode: Amy or ‘Star Wars?’”

Lorre says the storyline was conceived by head writer Steve Molaro and has been in the works for “many months.”

“It was handled with a lot of delicacy. There is a very elegant way the episode was written so that yes, they have taken a very large step forward, but it doesn’t undermine the nature of the relationship.”

The two characters first interacted during season three, when Amy was selected as Sheldon’s perfect mate by an internet dating site.

As relationship grew, Amy grew more and more frustrated by the lack of importance her boyfriend placed on physical intimacy.

"I would never have dreamed of [this story line] when we started the show,” Lorre told an audience of TV insiders at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. “I actually imaged the [Sheldon] character was asexual.

"To have him now, nine years later, having an intimate relationship with a woman is really wonderful as a writer because you're not doing the same thing every week. The characters can sneak up on you and change a little bit."