Christie Brinkley breaks down during interview about divorce: 'I just want peace'

Christie Brinkley was supposed to talk about her return to Broadway in "Chicago" on NBC's "Today" show this morning, but she ended up shedding tears, talking only about her divorce from Peter Cook.

The couple split four years ago when the divorce became final. Cook has gone public recently to talk about the marriage. He called Brinkley a "narcissistic egomaniac."

During the interview with Matt Lauer, Brinkley teared up, saying she just wants peace, adding that every time she has any joy or any kind of success in anything, Cook has to try to destroy it.

Brinkley says she hasn't had any contact with Cook for two years, but he tries to contact her. She asked a judge late last year to make Cook stop, to protect her peace. Brinkley is also asking for additional child support.

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