Charlotte McKinney's New Year's Pic, Britney Spears' Technical Mishap, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• GUESS Girl and Carl's Jr. spokesmodel Charlotte McKinney shared a bodacious bikini snapshot on New Year's Day from what looks to be a tropical beachy paradise (above). Furthermore, McKinney posted the pic with a caption reading "January 1st," likely because she was aware that we'd forget what day it was (along with our own names) upon seeing the photo.

• Speaking of McKinney, the blonde bombshell once told FNM that her work with GUESS has helped her embrace being a "beautiful curvy girl." (So thank God for GUESS, right?) Watch the video below to see some sizzling shots from her recent GUESS campaigns, then check your ID to re-confirm your own name.

• After suffering torn ligaments and even a wardrobe malfunction during her Las Vegas residency in 2015, Britney Spears reportedly suffered a technical mishap during her "Piece of Me" concert over the past weekend, when a harness that was supposed to send her soaring over the audience got her stuck in a stage decoration of a tree instead. A stagehand was quickly dispatched to untangle Spears, who then (wisely) decided to finish her song from the stage before the universe could continue its efforts to maim/humiliate her.

• According to a Sydney newspaper, Miley Cyrus and her former fiancé Liam Hemsworth were seen "cuddling and kissing" at an Australian music festival over the weekend, which not only proves that music has the power to bring people together, but that it can also help those same people temporarily forget why they began to hate each other in the first place.

• The day after New Year's, "Same Old Love" singer Selena Gomez shared a photo of herself looking fabulous in a strapless bikini while lounging with her friends in some sort of tropical paradise (below). In other words, Gomez seems to have accomplished all of our (collective) New Year's resolutions on the first few days of 2016.

• Screenwriters Oscar and Torrence Colvin are seeking to sue Quentin Tarantino for "hundreds of millions of dollars" after claiming to notice similarities between his 2012 film "Django Unchained" and their own unproduced script. If successful, they just might pave the way for Warner Bros. to finally sue over similarities between "Kill Bill" and its Bugs Bunny cartoons.

• As suggested by the Instagram snapshots he posted on Sunday evening, rumored couple Justin Bieber and 19-year-old model Hailey Baldwin (the daughter of Stephen Baldwin) are finally making their relationship official. Most gossip outlets point to this blurry photo of the two kissing as evidence, but we think this subsequent photo of Bieber intensely staring at Hailey's cleavage also proves the point quite well:

• And finally, in an interview with a Colombian radio station, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez claimed that Steve Harvey's mix-up at the Miss Universe pageant was humiliating "for the whole country" of Colombia. But with all due respect to Gutiérrez, Steve Harvey was the one who screwed up, and he's an American. Just think about how we feel!