Charlotte McKinney's Magazine Cover, Alec Baldwin's Bathroom Humor, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's talking about:

• GUESS model Charlotte McKinney posed for the summer issue of Venice magazine (below), which looks to be some kind of real-estate publication for the Fort Lauderdale area. You can read the entire issue online too, just in case you're interested in seeing more of McKinney's photos and/or purchasing a sweet condo on Bayview.

• Speaking of McKinney, the blonde bombshell recently told us nobody wanted to sign her when she was starting out in Miami. Unthinkable, right? Watch the video above to learn more about McKinney, and to check out some sizzling shots from her new GUESS campaigns.

• Tom Hanks is reportedly in negotiations to portray Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger in a new Clint Eastwood film. This marks Hanks' third time playing an aviation professional after "Apollo 13" and that one where he mastered how to shower in an airport sink.

• The first trailer for the Robin Williams film "Boulevard" debuted on Thursday (below). It's said to contain the late actor's last on-screen performance, though not his last performance altogether: Williams will be voicing a horny talking dog in the film "Absolutely Anything" out later this year, so don't place your Oscar bets just yet!

• At Wednesday night's Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City, host Alec Baldwin joked that he'd "made a deal backstage to sell Taylor Swift’s pee as a fragrance.” Again, he was just kidding, but don't think for a second that the idea didn't raise a few eyebrows among the business-savvy executives in the crowd.

• Despite giving birth just five months ago, Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina displayed her already rock-hard post-baby body on Instagram this past Wednesday (below). Just to remind you, there was once an actual human child in that skinniest part of Gretsky's body — we double-checked and everything!

• In a "Where Are They Now" segment filmed for Oprah's website, "Full House" actor Dave Coulier said he used to bribe the infant Olsen twins with gummy bears to get them to deliver their lines. However, Coulier neglected to mention which types of Hostess snack-cakes or frosted doughnuts the show's producers presumably offered him in exchange for an acceptable performance.

• Comedy Central star Amy Schumer revealed on Thursday that she will serve as the opening act at Madonna's three NYC concerts in September. It might seem like an odd billing at first, but it actually makes lots of sense. After all, if Madonna is planning to demonstrate more of that daring physical comedy she debuted at the BRIT awards, she'll need a hilarious warm-up act.

• One of Jared Leto's co-stars on the upcoming film "Suicide Squad" claims that Leto is taking his role as The Joker "very, very seriously" and hasn't been "out of character" since they started filming in Toronto. This news suggests that Leto is going to deliver a great performance, but it also goes a long way toward explaining the rash of unexplained clown-related crime in the greater Toronto area.

• During a friendly game called "True Confessions" on Thursday's episode of "The Tonight Show," actor Colin Farrell admitted that he was once considered a suspect in an attempted murder investigation (below). He didn't do it, of course, but you shouldn't let that stop you from imagining how cute he'd look in an oversized prison jumpsuit.

• And finally, according to sources for Us Weekly, Prince Harry might be dating "Doctor Who" actress Jenna Coleman. However, the same sources claim Harry and Jenna's romance will "never be serious" because of Harry's hectic schedule, but Coleman's penchant for getting herself kidnapped by an alien time-traveler every week probably doesn't help.