Charlie Sheen tweeted during sex, his ex Bree Olson says

Charlie Sheen may be quitting Twitter, but he was so addicted at first that he would send out 140-character messages while having sex with his former porn-star girlfriend Bree Olson, The Post reports.

Olson, a one-time Penhouse Pet who has performed in more than 230 adult movies, has posted a bikini-laden YouTube video for her new song with Mike Gonsolin, the charmingly titled “Hollywood Douchebag.”

The poppy, Auto-Tuned song includes the lyric, “He’s posting Twitter tweets during sex with me.”

Olson tells Page Six, “Charlie discovered Twitter when we started dating, so we had some funny experiences. I thought of him when I wrote that lyric.”

She confirmed, “Yes, he would tweet in bed.”

Sheen announced he was quitting the social- media site and deleted his account over the weekend. The “ Anger Management,” star joined Twitter in March 2011 and attracted more than a million followers in just 48 hours, entering the Guinness Book of Records as “The Fastest Time To Reach 1 Million Followers.”

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