Charlie Sheen's HIV positive status is front-and-center once again as the actor appeared on the "Today" show Tuesday, ahead of the release of an expose-style documentary that will focus on the actor's sexual history.

Sheen admitted on Tuesday that he didn’t always disclose his HIV positive status to his sexual partners, but he insisted he used condoms in those cases. His ex-fiancee, however, claims the opposite.

The “Anger Management” star told Matt Lauer there were two times when he did not tell partners he was HIV positive.

“There [were] two examples, but protection was always in place, and it was for the right reasons, because everyone that I had told up to that moment had shaken me down.”

Sheen's ex-fiancee Brett Rossi, however, claimed to us Sheen had unprotected sex with her and did not disclose his HIV positive status, contradicting the actor's claims to Lauer.

A rep for Rossi told FOX411, "Charlie's story is just that, a story, told by a talented actor to convince people that he is a victim. Unfortunately, it's just not true and he created a lot of potential victims.”

Regardless of Sheen’s reasoning for not disclosing his diagnosis, California law says that once a person knows they are HIV positive they must alert a sexual partner before engaging in sexual activity, otherwise they could be charged with a misdemeanor.

California Health and Safety Code § 120290 states, “Any person afflicted with any contagious, infectious, or communicable disease who willfully exposes him/herself to another person (and any person who willfully exposes another person afflicted with the disease to someone else) is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Sheen admitted to Lauer he did not use a condom several times after his diagnosis, but maintained the women who he had unprotected sex with knew about his diagnosis.

“I regret not using a condom one or two times when this whole thing happened,” he told Lauer.

Meanwhile, the National Enquirer has teamed up with Reelz Channel for a documentary series called “National Enquirer Investigates,” which will focus on Sheen. Sheen may have sat down with Lauer to get ahead of the accusations the documentary could spark.

Dylan Howard, executive producer of “National Enquirer Investigates,” told FOX411 via email the special will include an audio recording of Sheen admitting that he did not tell an unidentified woman he was HIV positive.

Howard claims, “When questioned by this individual [about why he did not tell her he was HIV positive], Mr. Sheen is heard screaming, ‘Because it’s none of your f--king business, OK?’”

Sheen listed his life regrets to Lauer.

“I regret ruining ‘Two and a Half Men.’ I regret not being more involved in my children’s lives growing up, which I am now. But that’s about it. We can only move forward from today.”

Sheen has recently been doing press, promoting a brand of condoms.