Charlie Sheen goes on Twitter rant against ex-wife Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen decided to spend his Father's Day tearing down his ex-wife Denise Richards, with whom Sheen shares two daughters -- 11-year-old Sam and 10-year-old Lola.

Sheen spent his Sunday directing a stream of vicious tweets towards his ex, in which he called Richards "a terrorist" and the "worst mom alive."

The profanity-laden rant began with a tweet that read, "Brooke M is a sexy rok star whom I adore D Richards a heretic washed up piglet Shame pile Happy Father's Day!!!"

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"Brooke M" is presumably Sheen's ex-wife Brook Mueller, the mother of Sheen's twin 6-year-old sons Bob and Max, who Sheen divorced in 2011.

After a slew of similarly aggressive tweets, Sheen posted an open letter, slamming Richards with a string of incoherent and almost nonsensical paragraphs.

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While Sheen went through and deleted all the tweets slamming his ex, his profanity-riddled "open letter to the media" is still available to read online. It could be considered NSFW due to the massive amount of profanity in the letter.

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In it, Sheen shares poetic gems such as, "Denise Richards is a shake down piece of s--t doosh phace," and, "see u in court you evil terrorist sack of landfill rash." And those the most tame comments from the "open letter."

Richards, however, has kept her response classy and profanity free. She tweeted on Sunday, "Happy Dad's Day! @charliesheen have a great trip in Mexico! Kids were disappointed u weren't here for it- Hey we'll celebrate when u r back!"

When one of Richards' followers asked if Sheen was in Mexico for work, Richards' replied simply, "Nope."

Sheen and Richards have had a combative relationship since their divorce in 2006. Sheen previously accused Richards of not allowing him to see their children, and in 2013 he tried to reduce the amount of child support he was required to pay to her, arguing that he was "being punished" by Richards after their divorce.

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