The second night of debates for Democratic hopefuls in the 2020 presidential election took the stage in Miami, Fla., on Thursday and Hollywood celebrities were among the loudest voices discussing the showcase on social media.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg were among the 10 Democrats jabbing at each other, as well as incumbent candidate President Trump.

As with the first night of debates, celebrities far-and-wide took to Twitter to sound off on the hopefuls’ respective performances.


Comedian Billy Eichner kicked things off ahead of the debate by discussing Buttigieg being on the stage.

“The Stonewall uprising was 50 years ago TONIGHT, June 27, 1969. And it took 50 years for us to get an openly gay man on the stage at a Democratic Presidential debate. Thank you @PeteButtigieg for being brave and bold and creating a new frontier for LGBT representation,” he wrote.

Eichner followed up with: “Kamala on fire. Pete is brilliant. Proud to be a Democrat tonight! LET’S GO!!!”

"There's no way Marianne Williamson doesn't call these debates 'recitals,'" wrote comedian Michelle Wolf.

"Tonight’s winners: Kamala Harris & Bernie Sanders! Bernie’s closing statement was THE warning: If we don’t vote for the ONE who will take on Wall St & corporate America, NOTHING will change. Again, only 2 candidates raised their hands AGAINST for-profit health ins:Kamala & Bernie," filmmaker Michael Moore wrote.

Sarah Silverman shared a simple ranking of her "winners" of the debate, writing: "Winners of the night no contest IMO: Kamala Bernie Pete #DemDebate2."

Rosie O'Donnell took a shot at Biden, writing: "oh yes @KamalaHarris - oh yes Joe - youre too old."


"If you don’t have a dead relative, don’t even THINK about getting in this healthcare debate," Bill Maher noted.

"More impressive candidates last night than tonight, but Buttigieg and Harris delivered in very different ways. My fear is that intellectual laziness will cause people to gravitate toward Biden alone as the “safe” choice. You’ve met them all. Now do your homework," wrote Seth MacFarlane.

"Ones to watch for me. @KamalaHarris @PeteButtigieg and @juliancastro," wrote "Shameless" star Emmy Rossum.

"Here comes Kamala for ALL their necks," Amber Tamblyn shared.

Mia Farrow kept things simple, writing: "Kamals"

"The moderators are oh so scared of Bernie / rightfully so - in a weird way - their paychecks as pundits will get exposed the other candidates trying to take down Biden," wrote John Cusack.

"Even Marianne Williamson doesn't know who Marianne Williamson is. #DemDebate2020," mocked Mark Hamill.

"Do I think we need way more climate crisis questions? Yes. But these Dem debates have, overall, been way more progressive than any I’ve ever seen," Adam McKay tweeted.

"You can’t be an advocate to fight #climatechange when you #fracked Colorado, harming the health of children and families across the state. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution, @Hickenlooper.  #DemDebate," Mark Ruffalo noted.

"But seriously, it is refreshing to hear intelligent people speaking in cogent, logical sentences about actual issues that matter," wrote "Star Trek" actor George Takei.

"I will vote for the candidate who can change this awful music in this restaurant," Alec Baldwin joked.

"Marianne Williamson for Secretary of Crystals," comedian Michael Ian Black wrote.

"Let’s cut the bulls--- my resister friends, of the 20 we’ve now seen only 1 will send the 2 real enemies of the people, donnie & mitch, where all traitors to our cherished system need to be relagated to, trading cigs with the manaforts of this world in lockup. @KamalaHarris," wrote Ron Perlman.

"My favorite part of the #DemDebate2 is that we’re getting closer to being able to vote for a new President," wrote Piper Perabo.


Alyssa Milano wrapped things up with her review of some key candidates: "My initial thoughts: .@KamalaHarris is mesmerizing and so smart. I was inspired. I wanted to hear more from @AndrewYang and @marwilliamson and I felt like they were dismissed. I felt @PeteButtigieg is a bright light in a super dark time.But @KamalaHarris—WOW!"