Carrie Underwood's Pregnancy Meltdowns and the Secret Behind Taylor Swift's Eyes

What’s the secret behind Carrie Underwood’s gorgeous glow? According to her makeup artist, you can credit that to coconut oil, the same product also used for fellow mama-to-be .

Speaking of Underwood, the country crooner recently revealed she has experienced at least two meltdowns since finding out she was pregnant. “It was the day I was like ‘I no longer can wear my clothes anymore,'” said Underwood, as reported by Taste of Country. This is one many expecting mothers can certainly identify with.

On the topic of gorgeous blonde singers, everyone knows that aside from her love of cats, and of course singing, Taylor Swift is a major trendsetter in the beauty department. Find out how you can look like the pop megastar by copying her coveted eye makeup. Exclusive tips found at the video above.

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