Candice Swanepoel's Cheeky Hotel Selfie, Hilary Duff's Unbelievably Toned Abs, and Much, Much More

Here's the latest and greatest:

• Late Thursday night on Instagram, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel shared a delicate introspective selfie from her hotel bed, depicting nothing more than her own face in a rare moment of thoughful and serene contemp— Oh wait a second! We see what she did there!!! Very cheeky, Miss Swanepoel! Very cheeky indeed! (It's funny, though: When we spoke to her about her sexiest clothes in the video above, she never once mentioned wedgie-prone underwear.)

• The ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" (spoiler alert!)  a major character on Thursday night's episode, disposing of dapper Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepard via a horrible car accident. His many admirers will now have to base their unrealistic sexual fantasies around America's next biggest TV hunk: "Law & Order: SVU" detective John Munch.

• Hilary Duff posed for the cover of Shape magazine's May issue in a bikini top and jean cut-offs (below), showcasing a set of abs that only karate masters possess after breaking hundreds upon hundreds of cinderblocks on their stomachs. (Don't enter into a karate tournament against Hilary Duff, is what we're saying.)

• As he revealed on a recent episode of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Jerry O'Connell has already explained to his 6-year-old twins that their mother, Rebecca Romjin, was once married to Uncle Jesse from "Full House." Apparently, "Full House" is his kids' favorite, despite all probably attempts to hook them on "Sliders" instead.

• On Thursday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," actor Chris Pratt stopped by to promote "Jurassic World" by facing off against Noah Ritter (aka "The Apparently Kid") in a battle of dinosaur trivia. The whole thing kind of blew up in Pratt's face, though, because there's no way "Jurassic World" could be more entertaining than Noah's excitable "correct answer" dance:

• "Furious 7" actor Vin Diesel announced at CinemaCon that there will, in fact, be an eighth installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise. It's scheduled to hit theaters in April 2017, so producers have between now and then to figure out how to stage a high-speed car chase in Singapore's sewer system.

• On Thursday, Warner Bros. and Cross Creek Pictures released the first trailer for "Black Mass," in which Johnny Depp portrays real-life Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger. If you're not familiar with Bulger, just know he's a man you definitely, definitely don't want inquiring about your mom's recipe for steak marinade:

• Dozens of Native American actors walked off the set of Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix comedy "The Ridiculous Six" after taking offense to jokes in the film's script. It's unknown at this time whether Sandler himself will just play all their roles in a series of different wigs, à la "Jack and Jill," but that's probably a good guess.

• On Thursday night in West Hollywood, Christina Aguilera arrived at an event for "The Voice" wearing bold makeup and a torn Guns n' Roses t-shirt. We're guessing she was going for an edgy, rock-star vibe, but it's also possible she simply fell face-first into a Sephora — and then torso-first into our collective teenage closets — just before walking the red carpet.

• Sawyer Sweeten, the actor who played one of Ray Romano's two twin boys on "Everybody Loves Raymond," took his own life on Thursday, according to a statement released by his family. He was 19.

• And finally, "Orange is the New Black" creator Jenji Kohan revealed she's developing a new inmate character based on Martha Stewart, likely because it's high time the show introduced a convict who knows how to make a decent centerpiece from old toilet paper tubes and Cooler Ranch Doritos from the commissary.