Candace Cameron Bure gets ill, leaves 'View' set after Whoopi Goldberg's comments

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“The View” got heated on Tuesday and Candace Cameron Bure suddenly became sick and left the hosts’ table after Whoopi Goldberg took aim at her. 

Goldberg was passionate while discussing the Oscars boycott circulating among actors who are disappointed in the lack of diversity in this year’s nominees. 

“I am mad about this,” the actress said, repeatedly reminding her co-hosts she has made her fair share of films. 

She interrupted her fellow hosts several times to demand they let her finish making her point. 

“The issue is, look, this happens every year...” she said. “You make a statement all year, not just once a year.” 

At one point, Goldberg turned to Bure and said something harsh.

"Well you know what, I talk about God, you gotta talk about these damn movies," Goldberg said to Bure. Twitter users took notice.

When “The View” returned from its commercial break moments later, Bure was noticeably missing from the table. 

“Candace hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple hours so that’s why I asked her if she needed some juice,” Goldberg said after the commercial break. "We felt it would be better for her to get some rest." 

She said Bure needed to rest and had left the set as a result. Some viewers questioned the timing.

Others buzzed they thought Goldberg could have better expressed her points.

Some, however, were just glad to see Goldberg weighing in on the boycott.

The episode concluded with Goldberg telling fans Bure was on the mend.

Goldberg said Bure was pale when she left the set.

“Just know she is feeling better," Goldberg said at the episode's end.

Bure later tweeted she was sick and it was not the discussion that caused her to leave.

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