Canada's prime minister ridiculed for Chewbacca socks at New York business forum

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought some nerdiness to a rather serious event by sporting yet another pair of outrageous footwear. The political leader donned a pair of socks featuring a “Star Wars” character, and critics on social media weren’t having it.

Trudeau showed up to the inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York wearing socks that featured the character Chewbacca.

The event is meant to bridge the gap between business leaders and politicians in the global economy, but the Canadian leader took it as an opportunity to showcase his proudly nerdy attire.

This isn’t the first time that Trudeau has got people talking with his fancy footwear. In fact, he’s made colorful and eye-popping socks such a trademark of his political persona, that The New York Times ran a story dedicated to his sock choices in June. Despite some having fun with his subtle wink to the “Star Wars” franchise, many of Trudeau’s critics weren’t amused.

However, no bit of sock criticism hit quite as hard as that of William Shatner. The man who was made famous for his role as Captain Kirk on “Star Trek” took to Twitter to throw some shade at the Canadian Prime Minister. As fans know, there’s an unofficial rivalry between “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” fan communities, and Shatner is clearly falling on the side of his fellow Trekkies on the sock matter.