Brother and sister duo Jesse & Joy becoming the latest crossover sensation

Brother-sister singing duo Jesse & Joy have been taking the Latin music world by storm with hits like "Adiós [Good-bye]", "La de la Mala Suerte [The one with the bad luck]" and “Llorar [Cry].”

Now, the Mexican-American siblings, whose mother is from Wisconsin and late father from Mexico City, are entering into some uncharted territory – they are crossing over and releasing some of their music in English.

“We speak Spanish, but we speak English – we eat tacos and we eat burgers – and whenever we are writing the same thing happens,” Joy Huerta, 30, told Fox News Latino on Monday. “The songs are born in the language that feels right in the moment or right for the melody.”

Their song, “Ecos de Amor,” of their most recently album “Un besito mas [One more kiss]” was actually first written in English before they translated it into Spanish. They released the original version “Echoes of Love” earlier this summer.

“When we wrote it, we didn’t know what we were going to be doing with the song, we just kept on writing it,” Joy Huerta added, “and it happened again with a different song called ‘Helpless’ – which is a single in Latin America called ‘Dueles.’ Some of the songs that we had in English made sense to translate to Spanish.”

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She said their record label got excited about the potential for them to showcase their bi-cultural upbringing in their music.

“[They said] ‘Guys we have so many songs in English, it’s only a matter of time that we just put them out there and show people this duality that you guys have,” Joy Huerta said. “We’ve been nervous but people have been accepting it really well.”

The Spanish version of “Echoes of Love” was recently nominated for song of the year at the Latin Grammy Awards. They were also nominated for record of the year, album of the year and best contemporary pop album.

“It’s exciting. We feel humbled and grateful about the nominations,” Jesse Huerta, 33, told FNL. “We are very happy that we have the chance to – besides being nominated and take some awards eventually – to actually go out there on tour and share our music. That’s the best award ever.”

The siblings are currently on tour across Latin America for their album “Un Besito Mas” and will kick off the American leg in November. The album – and the title song of the same name – is dedicated to their father who passed away three years ago.

“This particular album, I think, is the most diverse one that we have because it kind of has all these different flavors that we have picked up while touring in Latin America and parts of Europe and even our own country of Mexico,” Joy Huerta said. “Music has been a friend, has been our sister, our biggest ally and having this big, big loss it was only a matter of time that a song would come out of it.”

Jesse & Joy are set to perform at the 2nd Annual Latin American Music Awards, which will air live tonight at 8 p.m. on Telemundo.