Brie Bella admits she and husband haven't been intimate for a month

Brie Bella overshared about her sex life -- or lack thereof -- with husband Daniel Bryan.

The professional wrestler told her twin sister Nikki she hasn't had sex with Bryan in one month.

Brie explained her husband requires candles and a "slow" process in order to do the deed.

"So I reorganized," Brie told her sister on their show "Total Bellas." "I need my candles close to the bed...because…when…Bryan and I like to light candles."

"Oh wait are you going through your sex process with me right now?" Nikki asked her sister. "This is not why I came in here by the way."

"I know but I'm showing you," Brie responded.

"Sick!" Nikki said.

However, the sisters' chat was helpful because Brie revealed she and Bryan had a "quickie" after her conversation with Nikki.

Brie and Bryan recently announced they are expecting their first child together next year.