Brian Austin Green on being married to Megan Fox: 'It's hard'

Brian Austin Green admitted being married to Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox isn’t easy.

“Marriage is hard,” the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star revealed in his podcast “…with Brian Austin Green” Friday. “It’s work, I think for anyone. I think when you get to the point like we have, where you have kids and you’ve been married for a while and we’ve been together for a long time, it’s — you just take it day by day.”

The 44-year-old added, “You’re in it and then you’re not, then you look back and go, ‘That was a great 13 years.’”

Green and the 31-year-old actress married in 2010. Fox later filed for divorce in 2015 after five years of marriage. However, the couple reconciled in 2016.

“I have no problem with something not working, I really hold no expectations,” said Green. “I try to live day by day… Some people look at divorce or things not working as like a disappointment and it’s not. The fact that it worked at all is a positive.”

The pair are in a better place these days and are proud parents to three sons: 4-year-old Noah, 3-year-old Bodhi and 13-month-old Journey.

“We have three amazing kids,” said Green. “We’ve had and have a great relationship and you know we’re just taking it day by day.”