Break Time: Jake Gyllenhaal shows off hot new model girlfriend Alyssa Miller

Its time to take a break from the daily grind and check out three fun things clicking on the Web.

First up! Jake Gyllenhaal has fame, fortune and now a super hot supermodel girlfriend, Alyssa Miller.  Sorry gents, sometimes life is not fair. The handsome actor was spotted out with his new lady friend hand in hand, and to make it even more  sugary sweet, Jake's mom tagged along as their third wheel.


Next!  Do you have a case of the Monday's every morning?  The Frisky has some helpful advice on how to turn your work day frown upside down. They recommend you: "Wake up earlier - give yourself enough time to fully wake up, take a shower, get ready, eat, and do whatever morning rituals - reading the paper, exercising, meditating, whatever - make you feel good and prepared to start your day." We feel better already.

And finally, school is out for the summer, which means if you have kids, you have to keep them at least semi-entertained. To help, Buzzfeed wrote a bunch of clean jokes you can tell your kids, (and maybe even your uptight politically correct friends).  Let's try a couple of these out.

More On This...

    Why do ducks have flat feet?  To stomp out forest fires. Why do elephants have flat feet? To stomp out flaming ducks.  

    Ok that one's not that great. How about:

    What did one eye say to the other? Don't look now but something between us smells.