Break Time: Carmen Electra conveniently exercises right in front of the photogs

Welcome to Break Time! Here are the best stories from around the web to get you out of your Monday funk.

Carmen Electra knows that before working out you must stretch. Of course, it is better to put on a full face of make up and call the paparazzi to capture the moment.

Jennifer Lawrence debuts side boob at the Hunger Games premiere. Only an A-lister can get away with such a serious display of skin.

A lot of lady folk are petitioning the rumored possibility that Adam Levine is the sexiest man I alive.

Man buys house next door to his ex wife and put a sculpture with the middle finger.  Hmmm...It seems this man has unresolved issues/feelings with his former spouse.

Some dogs sniff for bombs while others can smell drugs but only one canine can tell if a polar bear is pregnant. No this is not a lame joke.