‘Booger’ brings back all things 'Nerd’ for a whole new generation

In this inaugural episode of FOX411 #ThrowbackThursdays, we’re taking a look back at all things “nerd." 

Back in 1984 “Revenge of The Nerds” gave geeks everywhere the chance to live out their fantasy of winning one over on the jocks of the world. Curtis Armstrong, better known as the character “Booger,” is taking what they started in “Revenge of The Nerds” and bringing it to a whole new generation with his new reality competition show “King of The Nerds,"  now in its second season.

In an interview with FOX411, Armstrong spoke about how the contestants on “King of The Nerds” amaze him.

“They all astonish me. These are people with minds beyond anything I can imagine. I mean they’ve spent their whole lives to this point studying astronomy, or neuroscience, or chemistry, or whatever it is… I’m just sort of an average nerd in some ways. I look at them and I’m just dazzled.”

When asked about the guest stars that will be stopping by "Nerdvana," Armstrong spoke very highly of one in particular: iconic “Star Trek” actor George Takei.  

“George was an interesting one though. Because when we first approached him in the first season to do the show. He agreed to do the show on one condition: that we were not mocking nerds. He did not want to be a part of anything that made fun of them or made them look stupid. And we said to him, ‘Trust us, that is not the plan.’”

In true #tbt fashion, Armstrong also took the time to reminisce about his days shooting “Revenge of The Nerds” and the impact it had on nerds of the time.  

“It means a lot to people, a lot more than we suspected at the time. We really were doing just a little movie, we thought, and it has become a cult favorite. And Booger, I don’t know, whatever else I do with my life that will be what I wind up being remembered for is that character, which is actually fine.”

When asked about his thoughts when he sees the movie now, Armstrong spoke about a 30th anniversary screening of the film that recently took place.

“When we were in San Francisco they did a screening of it. We did a panel and then they did a screening of it. And it was just so delightful to hear an audience that’s basically been raised on the thing come out in pouring rain to sit there and have that communal experience of watching this movie that they loved so much.”

Be sure to follow Curtis on Twitter.  “King of The Nerds” airs Thursday nights on TBS.