'Blurred Lines' model Emily Ratajkowski: Men need to get over naked women

Model Emily Ratajkowski of "Blurred Lines" music video fame said that society needs to learn how to deal with the nude female form.

"We’re at an interesting time where women have been told to take the pill is cool, to sleep with whom­ever you want, or wear what you want," she told Ocean Drive magazine. "But if you’re naked, it can be offensive or sexist in some way. That’s the last step our culture needs to deal with. We have this culture of men, especially, watching pornography, but then offended by a classic nude portrait or photograph, and I’ve never felt that way."

Ratajkowski is clearly comfortable in her own skin; the 23-year-old appeared topless in nude underwear dancing around Robin Thicke in the "Blurred Lines" video. She says the controversial video gave her the "opportunity to say the things that I felt about feminism today and about women in general in pop culture."

"Anything that’s in pop culture and involves naked women and dressed men should be criticized or at least inspected, so I felt glad that it was criticized," she said. "The female body is a beautiful thing, and it should be embraced and celebrated."

Although the "Blurred Lines" video and song were highly criticized for being sexist, the model said she appeared in the video not for men, but for other women.

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"There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin. If anything, it can be really beautiful," she told the magazine. "And the way that I was dancing, sort of sarcastically and I felt silly, it wasn’t for men—it was for myself and for other women, just like you would dance around your apartment."

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