'Blue is the Warmest Color' actresses say lesbian sex scenes were 'horrible'

The young actresses who star in the critically acclaimed new film "Blue is the Warmest Color" say they will never work with the director again, after he forced them to engage in shocking acts of sex and violence.

The raunchy drama, which follows two lesbian lovers in a steamy affair, took the top prize in this years Cannes Film Festival, with critics hailing director Abdellatif Kechiche as a master filmmaker.

But Adele Exarchopoulos, 19, and Lea Seydoux, 28, told the Daily Beast he made the pair spend 10 days, mostly naked, shooting an unchoreographed lesbian sex scene that lasted 10 minutes in the film.

"Most people don't even dare to ask the things that he did and they're more respectful," Exarchopoulos said.

The actress also said Kechiche directed Seydoux to beat her during a tense fight scene.

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"With the fight scene, it was horrible," she said. "She was hitting me so many times, and [Kechiche] was screaming, 'Hit her! Hit her again!'”

Overall, Seydoux said the shoot was "horrible."

While Exarchopoulos said Kechiche was a "genius" - albeit a "tortured" one - both actresses said they wouldn't work with him again.

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