Blind Guitar Player's Dream Comes True at U2 Concert

It was a U2 concert just like any other in Nashville on July 2. The venue was filled with thousands of screaming fans, some of whom came with signs.

But one sign was particularly special: "BLIND GUITAR PLAYER. Bring me up."

Adam Bevell's brother-in-law had sketched out the small sign for him right there in the stadium and Adam held it over his head for the entire concert, never imagining that the band would actually see it from the stage.

But they did, and at the end of the concert Adam's wish was granted.

The crowd hoisted him up on stage at the band's request and Bono took his hand to lead him over to a guitar."

"I kept on saying 'there's no way this is happening,'" Bevell told Fox News. "But I also kept saying, 'thank you.'"

The guitar was strapped onto him and Adam chose to play his and his wife's wedding song, "All I Want Is You," while Bono sang along.

"I could feel him looking at my hands to see if I could do it right, and it was almost like 'Alright, you know how to do it. Let's play it.'"

After the song, Adam naturally moved to hand the guitar back to the sing, but Bono wouldn't take it, saying simply, "I want you to have my guitar."

Adam was overwhelmed by his idol's gesture.

"You could just feel his kindness," he said. "It was an out-of-body experience. It was the greatest feeling."