She may be known as one of the sexiest young stars on screen today, but deep down, actress Blake Lively says she always wanted to be a Ninja Turtle.

“I was a Ninja Turtle fan, I know [they are] not a super heroes but I really wanted to be a Ninja Turtle,” Lively told Pop Tarts when we asked her which superhero she would want to be at the Comic Con Convention in San Diego this weekend.

But while she may have a hard time getting her way in terms of becoming a turtle from the 1980s cartoon, she does get to play an action star in an upcoming film. Lively stars as Ryan Reynolds’ sassy love interest, Carol Ferris, in the highly-anticipated action film “Green Lantern,” which is based on the beloved 70-year-old comic book series. And the action scenes were such an intense departure from her work on “Gossip Girl,” Lively says she found herself surprised by her body’s physical reaction.

“I was on the matrix rig which was a 30-foot tall, 20 -foot long arm that has this gyroscopic waist band that you wear. It requires so much core strength that I didn’t have,” Lively told Tarts. “The first time I got on it I just spun like crazy, and I felt so nauseous and [the crew] said, ‘You’re not going to do that again, right?’ You have to control it. it is such a delicate thing.”

And in order to stay true to the original comic, the 22-year-old traded in her signature blonde locks to become the brunette Ferris.

“I felt a little more serious as Carol with brown hair. It was fun, I felt like even the way I moved was different,” Lively said.

Although she wasn’t familiar with the character or the series prior to taking on the coveted role, Lively’s “Gossip Girl” co-stars apparently “freaked out” when she told them she was playing the part.