'Big Bang Theory' Season 11, Episode 19 recap: Sheldon and Leonard go toe-to-toe

The gang got a rare opportunity to vote against Sheldon’s typically fussy nature on the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” When it’s revealed that he is the president and sole member of the building’s tenant board, Leonard and Penny will stop at nothing to remove him from office.

Season 11, Episode 19 opens with Penny arriving at Friday night dinner with a sandwich from a food cart outside the building. Sheldon is unsettled because they’re all supposed to eat Chinese food on Fridays. Amy notes that it’s possible the sandwich was invented in China, causing the couple to argue. While they do, everyone slips out of the room to go get something from the cart outside.

Later, Sheldon admits to Amy that he’s enamored by the truck outside to the point of it being a distraction. With that, he takes action.

The following day, Penny comes home to inform Leonard that the truck was forced to move after someone complained to the tenant board. They immediately deduce that this is Sheldon’s handy work and go to confront him. Penny is so livid with his flippant attitude about the whole thing that she sends her own complaint email to the board. However, when she does Sheldon’s phone buzzes and it becomes clear that he’s the president of the board.

“President, sole member and its harshest critic,” he says.

It turns out the building had no board and then Sheldon called a meeting, was the only one to show up and elected himself president. Leonard and Penny immediately try to call a vote to remove him from office, but the deciding vote comes down to Amy, who must go with Sheldon for the sake of their relationship. Later, she goes to Leonard and Penny in confidence to suggest they find one other person in the building to vote with them.

It turns out, that’s easier said than done as the couple hasn’t necessarily been the most welcoming neighbors over the years. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s reputation and wrath has gone far and wide throughout the building resulting in no one wanting to do anything about him.

Wanting to put all this behind them, Amy feeds them a technicality. It turns out, Sheldon isn’t on the lease of either apartment. Now, she can pretend that she’s bound by the rules of the building to vote in Leonard’s favor. However, when Sheldon quotes a rare loophole, she panics and simply casts her vote for Leonard.

Sheldon is hurt, but they explain to him that the power is going to his head and that, for his own sake, he needs to pass the baton on to his friend. After a smart comparison to the movie “Ant-Man” Sheldon agrees noting that he now gets to be the opposition that vocally challenges Leonard’s every move.

Just like that, the problem is resolved, and Sheldon has new power to weild as an opposition force.