'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay gets advice from Ali Fedotowsky: 'Enjoy it, because I didn't'

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Ali Fedotowsky gave “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay no-nonsense advice on participating in the hit reality TV series.

“I told her to enjoy it, because I didn’t,” the 32-year-old told Life & Style. “I cried all the time and I was pouty-faced all the time, so I told her, ‘Try to enjoy it.’”

The former “Bachelorette” contestant also encouraged Lindsay to break the rules a little.


“I told her to sneak in a cell phone,” admitted Fedotowsky. “Producers would kill me if they knew I told her that. But you’re cut off from communication with the outside world, so I said, ‘Sneak in a phone!’”

These days, Fedotowsky is enjoying a much simpler life as a wife and mother to an 11-month-old daughter. She told Fox News in April the recent season of “The Bachelor” featuring Nick Viall had too much sexuality.

“I think it’s [unfortunate] because I felt some of the girls thought they had to show their bodies and be overly sexual in order to win the affections of a man,” she explained. “And I think that it’s a really sad thing. I was never angry at any of the girls for doing it.

"If anything, I wished they knew they were better than that. I wished they knew that you can be loved for being smart, for being a good person, and just for being yourself — not because you have boobs or you wear size 2 jeans. That’s not what love is. Love is not having to prove your sexuality. It’s so much more than that.”

She also gave some insight on what it really takes to get lucky in the show.

“Vanessa, the girl he ended up with, never flaunted her sexuality,” she said. “If anything, she showed up with her personality, her brains. She’s the one he chose in the end. What does that tell you? That’s what wins a man. Being a strong, independent, smart woman. Not taking your clothes off.”