You didn’t think this season of “The Bachelor” would be any different did you?

There is a villain (surprise, surprise) and her name is Tierra LiCausi.

At first, viewers might have given the 24-year-old leasing consultant the benefit of the doubt. Tierra received the coveted “first impression rose” from Bachelor Sean Lowe the minute she stepped out of the limo during the first episode -- maybe she had a target on her back from the get-go.

In one of the first episodes, Tierra falls down the stairs and hits her head at the “Bachelor” mansion, which prompts EMTs to rush to the scene and Sean to shower her with attention.

Does she exaggerate her injury to get attention?  The other women think so, but it’s not quiiiite clear.

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During this week’s special two-night “Bachelor” event, however, Tierra undoubtedly secures her spot among the show’s most memorable villains (Courtney Robertson or Bentley Williams, anyone?)

On Monday’s episode, Tierra was given a two-on-one, which means one of the two women gets eliminated at the end of the date.  She was NOT having it.

“Nobody wants to go on a two-on-one,” she said pouting at the camera.

Tierra snuck out of the hotel the night before and crashed another group’s date. She interrupted Sean and takes him outside to talk.

“I don’t care what people think of me,” she said and proceeds to sweet-talk Sean.

Much to the dismay of the other women, Tierra got the rose from Sean the next night on the date. A shocked Jackie Parr is sent home, having no clue what Tierra did the night before to secure her victory.

During Tuesday’s episode, Sean took several women on a date to complete their own version of a Polar Plunge into an icy lake.

Most of the women were scared to dive in at first, but ultimately enjoy the experience, running out of the water laughing.

Not Tierra.

As soon as the drama queen got out of the water, she threw herself on the ground and yelled: “I can’t breathe!” to the lifeguards, as she convulsed on the beach.

The guards bundled her up and transported her back to the hotel medic to get oxygen.

“I feel terrible,” an oblivious Sean said.  “I want to do everything I can to help.”

The other women were not impressed.

“Once again the ambulance was called because Tierra couldn’t handle it,” Lindsay Yenter said. “Same story, different day. Hands down Tierra is faking it.”

“We all did the same thing at the same time,” Daniella McBride added.

“She had to get attention,” AshLee Frazier said.

The scene cut to Sean cuddling with Tierra -- who still has tubes of oxygen going into her nose -- in a hotel bed.

“You better be my husband after all of this,” Tierra said mischievously.

At that evening’s cocktail party, the women were thrilled that Tierra is out of commission and (so they think) is unable to attend.

“[Tonight] is guaranteed no drama,” AshLee told the camera.

But wait.  Tierra is miraculously feeling better!

“I’m frozen to death, but I’m putting that aside because I’ll do whatever it takes to be with Sean,” Tierra said as she leapt out of bed to put on makeup and heels.


Tierra managed to secure a rose at the ceremony and slip into the top six, beating out a shocked Selma Alameri, who later told People that Tierra “has got Sean so fooled.”

“He didn’t live with us or see her daily,” she said. “[Tierra] was a completely different person with him.  I’d watch her with Sean and she’d be batting her eyelashes and be like a sweet puppy just looking into his eyes.”

Who knows how it will unfold next week, as Sean and the women head to Saint Croix, but the teaser preview does show Tierra sobbing in Sean’s arms at one point.  Here we go again…

Catch “The Bachelor” on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.