Autistic contestant fulfills game show dream

One inspiring contestant's game show dream comes true.

Patrick King, a 29-year-old game show fanatic with autism fulfilled his lifelong dream when he signed up to participate for the Game Show Network's new original series "The Line." ET has a sneak peek at Patrick's big game show debut.

Patrick, a Tennessee native, said that when he heard about the Nashville casting call he jumped at the rare opportunity and despite the learning difficulties he's endured in his past, Patrick earned himself a spot on the show-- already a major win in his book.

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"I have tried out for other game shows in the past and I didn’t make it," Patrick explains in the clip. "Coming on 'The Line' today, I'm glad that everyone gets to participate and it makes me ecstatic."

"Patrick has had a lot of challenges through his autism world that he is in," his mom Teresa adds. "He has managed to actually be more independent and do more for himself and now he's found something that he loves, which is the Game Show Network."

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"The Line" is GSN's new, traveling game show that offers everyday people the chance to win cash and prizes just by waiting in line. The goal for contestants is to get to the "Trivia Vault" at the front of the line where they will attempt to win a jackpot prize by answering eight true or false questions. The jackpot grows with each contestant who fails to answer his or her eight questions correctly-- so being at the end of the line could have a big payout!

Patrick will vie for the hefty cash prize.

Find out how it all plays out when the "The Line" debuts Tuesday night on GSN.