Alyssa Milano says a 'Who's the Boss' reunion is possible: 'I think we're all open to it'

Could fans of “Who’s the Boss” expect a reunion anytime soon? According to its star Alyssa Milano, it’s very possible.

The sitcom, which also featured Tony Danza, Judith Light and Danny Pintauro aired from 1984 until 1992.

“I think we’re all into it,” the 44-year-old told Closer Weekly. “You know, we kind of all feel a specific way about it, which is what we did in 1984 and it was very forward-thinking — you know, it was a show about a single, divorced woman, mom, who was living with her very promiscuous mother, who also owned her own business, and that just wasn’t depicted on television at that time.

"Then she hired a dude to become her housekeeper, who was a single father. I mean, it was very progressive for that time period and what was on TV at that time, which were family sitcoms. So, really, I feel like we were like a ‘Modern Family’ type of show, so keeping that in mind, I think we’d all be open to it if it lived up to what we did then.”

It also helps that everyone from “Who’s the Boss” are still closely connected.

“I still talk to everybody,” insisted Milano. “The only person who is a little difficult to keep in touch with is Katherine [Helmond] because she’s not on social media or email or anything. She’s in her 90s, but I still communicate with her over the phone and I just saw her — we did the Entertainment Weekly reunion issue and I just got to spend time with her in person, but yeah, we all talk.”

However, there’s one former cast-mate Milano talks to the most.

“Probably Tony [Danza],” she admitted. “He checks in all the time just to see how the kinds are doing, he’s very sweet.”