Aaron Carter opens up about addiction struggle, sister's death

Aaron Carter lost his sister Leslie Carter to a drug overdose in 2012, and he opened up to ET about how he escaped her fate in a recent sit-down.

"When I was doing 'Dancing with the Stars' I developed an addiction to Xanax, because of stage fright," said Aaron, 26.

That was in 2009. Aaron joined the reality competition show to jump-start his career but he left with a dangerous addiction fueled by his anxiety about performing on the show.

"Leslie, my sister, was heavy into it as well but an opportunity happened where I could save my life," said Aaron. "Leslie was never presented that opportunity. I had a second chance to live and she died from an overdose in my father's bed."

Aaron revealed that he was taking more than three times the normal dose of Xanax at the height of his addiction. Still, Aaron admits that he didn't realize that he had a problem until family intervened.

"My mother stepped in," said Aaron. "Her and my brother teamed up and they got me to the Betty Ford Center."

Today, Aaron assures that he's clean, saying that he doesn't even drink anymore.