'90 Day Fiance's' Russ forbids wife Paola from wearing lingerie in sexy music video

Russ continues to struggle with his wife Paola's modeling career.

The "90 Day Fiance" star does not want Paola to wear lingerie in a new music video she was asked to star in.

In an exclusive sneak peek for the upcoming Sunday night episode of the hit TLC show, Russ sets a firm "no lingerie" rule for Paola.

"I have the great opportunity to be the lead model in a [reggaeton] music video," Paola tells her husband.


"Pao showed me some reggaeton videos and yeah, they're pretty risque so yeah, I have some concerns," Russ said. "I want to see my wife doing artistic things. I want her to look classy, I want her to look good."

Paola fights back saying, "Baby, I'm sorry but this is my job."

That's when Russ chimes in and says, "No lingerie and you're getting paid very well right...lingerie is meant for the bedroom...so that's where I draw the line."

See how Paola reacts in the clip above.

Watch Russ and Paola on "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" on Sunday night on TLC.