14 Year-Old Latina Southern Belle is Country Music Sensation

A young star on the rise is making a name for herself and she's already got the support of some big names in the music industry. Caitlin Gutiérrez is from a Georgia town that's becoming known for making stars.

Gutiérrez started singing at the age of 6. She says she is determined to be successful.

"I'm not just a normal 14-year-old, I'm a 14-year-old who knows what she wants to do in her career and will do anything for it," said Gutiérrez.

She's being called America's sweetheart while wowing audiences all over the country. Her first video is called Country Air.

Caitlin is working with famed voice coach Jan Smith, who prepares the vocal pipes of Usher and Justin Bieber. She seems destined for stardom. It may be that she's from a talented Georgia town -- Leesburg, Georgia. It's also the home of American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

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"I mean there's something in the water in Leesburg going on because there's a lot of talent in Leesburg! But his success is just a blessing and I know that he is so proud of himself and everyone here is proud of him," said Gutiérrez.

Gutiérrez also has a lot to be proud of herself. She recently opened for the band Perry. There's also talk of a sitcom and a possible reality show. Whatever Gutiérrez's next path may be, she's got a great team behind her.

Her hair and makeup artist also doubles as her mother. Her dad also helps out. But also there's her manager and her sister who helps her get on pitch.

"They've been helping me through everything. They've been supporting me, they've been driving me places. They're just amazing and it's a real blessing to have them in my life," said Gutiérrez.

Gutiérrez, who also acts and models, says she loves singing the most and hopes to one day sell out Madison Square Garden.

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