YouTube mechanic makes tire out of Coke bottles

You may have heard of cars described as having "Coke bottle" sides, but what about tires?

A Russian YouTube car hacker, who once made engine pistons out of wood just to see what would happen, taped 18 soda bottles to the wheel of an old Mercedes-Benz to find out if he could drive on it them.

The results were a little surprising.

On the first try, the bottles supported the weight of the car without busting, but fell off the wheel as soon as the vehicle started moving as the tape gave way.

To solve the problem, he did what anyone would do: put on more tape.

And it worked! At least a little better.

He was able to drive it back and forth for several feet before the entire carbonated creation slipped off of the wheel, largely intact.

The lesson?

If you have a flat tire, a case of soda bottles and a big roll of tape you can get marginally closer to your destination.

But you'd probably be better just having a drink and walking the rest of the way.