You can't drive Ford's first million-dollar car on the street

The first million-dollar Ford has arrived.


The Ford GT Mk II is a track-day version of the GT supercar that’s more powerful and offers better handling than the road car. It’s not street legal, nor is it certified for any racing series. Instead, it’s one of a new breed of supercar that lives between the two worlds and is simply meant to have fun with.


The GT Mk II features a 700 hp version of the GT’s 647 hp 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 and is equipped with extra cooling features, including a water spray for the charge air cooler and a roof-mounted air intake. Its aerodynamics package has been modified with a large wing and an eye on improving downforce, and it rides on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport slicks. The cabin is equipped with two Sparco racing seats, a roll cage and a performance computer.


Aside from the ability to generate cornering loads of 2g, Ford hasn’t detailed its performance specifications, but the stock GT can hit 60 mph in 3 seconds and tops out at 216 mph, while regulations restrict the racing GT to about 500 hp.

Ford will only build 45 GT Mk IIs priced at $1.2 million each. The standard model costs $450,000 and the GT line will be limited to 1,350 cars before its production run ends in 2022.