World's first rearview, flip-front motorcycle helmet introduced

James Bond doesn’t always have time to put on a helmet when he commandeers a motorcycle, but if he did, the Reevu would be a fitting choice.

As its name suggests, the Reevu features a unique, periscope-style rear view vision system that allows the rider to see what’s directly behind without turning their head.

Fitted with a series of reflective surfaces built into a tunnel on the crown of the helmet that reflect light up and over the wearer’s head, the view from behind is projected onto a mirror located just above the visor, creating a similar effect to the rearview mirror in a car.

Vents keep things from misting up, and the mirrors themselves are made from a reflective, polycarbonate material that the company says is nearly unbreakable and won’t shatter in an accident.

Full face versions of the Reevu have been on sale since 2011, but the British company has now introduced a DOT-approved $479.95 flip-front model that’s just the thing for a safety-minded superspy who still needs to be ready for his close-up.