Wonder Woman's new ride

Shouldn’t it be invisible?

Kia has created a Wonder Woman-themed Sportage SUV, the latest in its collection of vehicles built in support of the “We Can Be Heroes” charity.

The paint scheme is modeled off of Wonder Woman’s outfit, but doesn’t show as much leg. The super heroine’s WW logo is incorporated into the grille, while a gold trim line around the vehicle is inspired by her Lasso of Truth. Silver inserts are a hat tip to her usual mode of transport – the invisible jet.

Blue headlights represent the Amazon princess’ eyes, and the star-filled motif continues on the inside where her tiara, bracelets and lasso are displayed behind a transparent panel in the cargo bay.

Kia says the Sportage was chosen for the custom job thanks to its Wonder Woman-like combination of power, agility and confidence. Since it’s for charity, we’ll let them get away with that.

The car is the seventh of eight being built to raise awareness and money for the fight against hunger in the horn of Africa. The final, yet to be revealed vehicle will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, while the others will be used to continue to promote the effort.