Will the SRT Viper get a V8?

The 2013 SRT Viper could’ve had a HEMI, but it doesn’t.

Will it ever?

Over its original 15-year run, Dodge produced only 20,070 of the V10-powered supercars, less than the number of V8 Corvettes that Chevrolet typically sells in two years.

Of course the Viper is an over-the-top 640 hp $90,000-plus ride that matches up with the highest performance and highest priced Z06 and ZR1 Corvette models, while popular entry level Vettes start at just $50G.

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So, could new Chrysler go chasing after volume this time around with a lower priced, but still pretty powerful Viper featuring two fewer cylinders?

“We’re not really interested in that. I think we’d rather call it something else,” SRT President and CEO Ralph Gilles told FoxNews.com at the unveiling of the Viper at the New York Auto Show last week. “The Viper to me is always going to be a V10 and it is what it is, and the day that we have to not do a V10 anymore we’ll have to call it something else because that’s what the icon’s been about.”

Perhaps that means one day SRT will kick some Asp, instead.

What do you think?