Watch: Record 'breaking' truck jump

Records were made to be broken, and apparently so were the trucks that set them.

During an off road vehicle meet at Michigan’s Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Mike Higgins launched his trophy truck-style Ford off the top of Test Hill and flew 180 feet before a crash landing bent it in half.

“As soon as I left the ground I knew, the truck, it just sat up wrong and I knew I was in trouble,” Higgins told DuneTV, which caught the action on camera.

The rear of the truck started dipping right after takeoff, causing air to get underneath and lift the front end. It lands tailgate first, then slams into the sand, bending the frame and busting the front suspension in the process.

Higgins emerged unscathed as he found out he’d just walked away from what is believed to be the longest jump ever seen at Silver Lake.

Although he’s clearly got some work ahead of him to get his truck back in shape, it doesn’t sound like Higgins is planning on parking it anytime soon, telling viewers to “stay tuned for more.”

Warning, the video has some NSFW language in it.