Bear skillfully opening car doors called 'delicate' and 'brutal'

A bear in west Boulder, Colo., got into a snow-covered vehicle during the weekend in an incident caught on camera by the car’s owner.

Red Van Workshop posted the video on Monday morning. The bear can be seen opening the vehicle’s front passenger door and getting inside.

It gets out and goes to the other side, calmly opens both doors on the driver’s side.

It looks inside and then wanders off, leaving the three doors open.

“Delicate in the way he opens all the doors, brutal indifference in remembering to shut them,” Red Van Workshop wrote in the tweet.

The car owner works for car workshop.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife had warned bears would be out this week after the weekend snowstorm.

It’s reminding residents and visitors in bear country to not keep food or anything with a scene in vehicles. Also, vehicles need to be locked with the windows rolled up.

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