Utah cops give Barbie a ticket

Think the parking police in your town are tough?

Officers in American Fork, Utah, recently spotted a Jeep parked in the street blocking a driveway and promptly issued an “Abandoned Vehicle” tag, KUTV reports.

No big deal?

Well, the thing is, the vehicle was only about two feet tall, painted pink and had the name “Barbie” written on the side.

The father of its operators -- two sisters ages 7 and 9 -- almost backed over it in his real car the following morning, the police having moved it off the street and into the driveway to keep it out of the flow of traffic, then discovered the citation attached to its windshield.

Upon examination, it was clear there was no actual fine or summons, and that it was just a friendly reminder from law enforcement about the rules of the road.

Nevertheless, pop says he’ll be enforcing his own laws and making sure the girls park it in the garage when they’re done driving it in the future.