Uber driver 'tricks' drunk into giving him five star rating

This is the bizarre moment an excitable Uber driver goes the extra mile with a series of impressive tricks to make sure he gets a five-star rating.

The driver, Shahid surprised his passenger when started doing finger press ups and performing tricks on his scooter.

The driver pulled to the side of the road and told his passenger to get out his Toyota Prius car leaving his passenger Jack Sutton "confusion and shocked".

Jack Sutton, aged 20, experienced the taxi drive of a lifetime whilst drunk on his way home at 7:00 am from a night out.

Jack, who is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, says the Uber driver picked him up from his friends house after he had watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 

He said the conversation about the MMA fighting and UFC led his Uber driver to surprisingly start riding his scooter down the road.

Jack said: "Originally when he opened the door and went to the boot and said 'come here' I thought in my drunk mind that he was going to grab a weapon.

"So I got ready to defend myself but then he pulls out a scooter.

"I went from defence mode to absolute confusion and shock in a split second.

"He then starts riding down the hill - I was in disbelief of what happened."

Jack says he has never experienced anything like it before especially when Shahid decided to drop down and start doing finger press ups.

Jack, who was travelling from Leatherhead to Dorking, added: "I definitely gave him a five star rating.

"The guy was a legend and I think more Uber drivers should be like him - he should get pay rise.

"I remember being very talkative as I usually am when I have a drink and he was telling me how he does something similar to martial arts.

"I'm guessing that’s why in the video he says “well your a lot tougher than I am”.

"Because I ordered to the Uber around 7 am - the taxi driver asked why I was still awake

"I told him I was supporting a teammate fighting in the UFC.

"This started the conversation of the sport itself, and was asking about my fights that I have had.

"So I guess he was doing those press ups to show me what he could do.

"He then started watching my fighting videos on YouTube as he pulled into my house.

"I haven’t seen him since."

The video has been already managed to reach 7,000 shares and nearly a million views in the last three or four days.