U.S. Motorcycle thefts dropped in 2012

Motorcycle thefts dropped by 1 percent in 2012, but crooks still grabbed 46,061 bikes nationwide according to the latest study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

California, Florida and Texas led the way in thefts per state, while New York City, Las Vegas and San Diego were the three worst places to leave your ride unattended.

Honda suffered the most stolen bikes among brands, followed by Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson, which is the best-selling manufacturer in the United States.

While the report doesn’t call out specific models, the most stolen bikes by year and brand were 2007 Suzukis, 2006 Suzukis, 2006 Hondas, 2007 Hondas, 2009 Yamahas.

But there's good news even for owners who have their bikes nicked. Along with the drop in overall thefts, the percent of stolen motorcycles that were recovered increased from 37 percent in 2011 to 39 percent in 2012.