Traffic Terminator? Bulletproof speed camera hits the road

Drivers who have a beef with speed cameras will have to find something else to take out their frustrations on.

German manufacturer Vitronic has unveiled a nearly indestructible robot traffic cop that’s not only impact resistant, but also bulletproof.

The Enforcement Trailer has a polygonal design that -- ironically -- calls to mind the radar evading F-117 stealth fighter jet.

It has an armored shell and bulletproof glass protecting a speed sensing LIDAR and a camera that can record the license plates and drivers of offending vehicles. A motion-sensing alarm that can send a message to its operators further protects it against vandals while it is unattended.

The device also features built-in wheels and a hitch coupler hidden under its skin that can be deployed remotely, transforming it into self-contained trailer.

According to The Sunday Times, it can be set up by one person in less than 30 minutes and be left unattended for five days. Two hundred and fifty units have been ordered by the French government.

U.S. availability has not been confirmed, but several jurisdictions allow the use of mobile unmanned speed cameras in construction zones and certain other situations.